Watch Open Source Community Day On Demand

Google: Building an intelligent image processing workflow with Google APIs
Wesley Chun - Google

Cloud Starters: Building Composable Apps with the TIBCO Cloud Starter Toolkit
Hugo Peters - TIBCO Software Inc.
Jeremy Smith - TIBCO Software Inc.

Lightning Talk: Unfurl | Can Open Source Deploy as Easy as a Service?
Adam Souzis -, Creator of Unfurl

Lightning Talk with d24n: Introduction to Lattices
Chris Peel - d24n

Lightning Talk: Enterprise-grade IoT/Edge applications with Ubuntu Core and EdgeX
David Beamonte - Canonical

Lightning Talk: Blockchain Is Eating the World & Eight Predictions on Where We’ll End Up
Roop Singh - Intuit Factory


Project Dovetail: Developing Blockchain Applications with Project Dovetail
Wenyan Ma - TIBCO Software Inc.
Yueming Xu - TIBCO Software Inc.