Google: Building an intelligent image processing workflow with Google APIs

Imagine your organization having a large collection of files taking up valuable space on a constrained resource. Why not backup that data to free up that resource? Why not also generate a report on the archived data? Seems straightforward, but realize such a solution would be even *more* useful by leveraging AI/ML to add some intelligence to that workflow. By analyzing that data and cataloging those results in the report, the end result is even MORE useful for management. This endeavor can be achieved by leveraging open source and various Google APIs. We'll start with a beleagured employee with too many images on their corporate Google Drive, cluttering up the user interface and making it challenging to access their work files. Join us to see ONE solution to this problem implemented using open source client libraries for Google Cloud. The app itself has also been open-sourced so attendees can take it and run with it as they choose!

Wesley Chun